Arabic Course


If you are an expatriate residing in Abu dhabi & struggling to communicate your ideas with the Non-Arabic Speakers, Intaleq is a place to be. Intaleq’s Arabic courses has been availed by hundreds of students over the years. We offer courses in Arabic from Beginner level to Advanced sessions based on the learning needs of the students.

Learners will acquire the language in a guided step by step approach which will take them from beginners to advanced levels in multiple stages. Our mode of facilitations will inject interest and encourage the student to stay participative through the cycle of experiential learning.Participants will be able to converse confidently & effectively after our training. No previous knowledge of Arabic Language is required.

Course curriculum is designed & delivered by Native Arabic teachers Instructors. The Instructors are bi-lingual & have experience of teaching Arabic for several years.

Corporate environment presents a lot of challenges as well as countless opportunities. There is a constant need for development of the enterprise and its employees. We give assurance on total emphasis on what your company's needs are & the lessons are tailored to suit the individuality of your business & the market you are targeting to provide optimum results.We also provide corporate training.

Our modules for Arabic Language courses are designed by Native Arabic Instructors keeping in mind the needs of Expatriates in the Business world. The se courses would focus on enhancing the verbal, reading & writing skills of an individual in Arabic languages.


Course Content

  • General Structure: Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
  • Fluency enhancement
  • Improved listening skills for meetings and teleconferences
  • Role, company and sector-specific vocabulary
  • Achieving clarity in written skill
  • Effective written communication techniques
  • Course fee includes registration and course materials


Intaleq Languages and training centre is well known for providing quality education and dedication to developing the potential of the students who come our way. Our school promotes an atmosphere where we make our students feel at home and welcomed while pursuing their education.


Why Us?

Our team believes in the personal touch where fun learning, a quality education and personal coaching are all in a day's work for us.Therefore, if you are looking for a school with the above qualities where your needs are met before, during and after your studies, rest assured that you have come to the right place.